Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy July!

WARNING: LOTS OF PICTURES. TWO of them GRAPHIC. You have been warned.
  We have had an incredible July this year (except for the weather!). While most of the country complains of record heat I have been heard on multiple occasions asking when summer will reach us! It has been crazy and Mother Nature hasn't decided if it is April or July, as she goes back and forth on what kind of weather to send our way!
   The first few days of the month found me (Lindsay) prepping for a new little baby boy (yes, another one!). We love boys around here. I got the house cleaned and ready, with the help of my amazing Mom and Grandma, and we were ready for a hospital stay! On the 4th, we had family (and we have a lot) over for a potluck BBQ and then we spent over an hour doing fireworks (which we did not finish entirely because kids just don't sit much longer). Once everyone left for the night (including Connor and Colby) David and I were off to bed with our alarm set for 4am!
 MOST of the cousins

 Happy Piro David and his firework collection


 Mom brought a lantern and we all wrote our wishes on it and sent it up into the sky!

 Here is Most of the gang, ready for the show.

 Connor and Andrew lovin' the fireworks.

 Colby was in heaven all night. He had the funniest facial expressions. It was AWESOME.

 Colby again (this is how he was the entire time)

 Colby and I. I love this little guy.

 I wanted to do a picture experiment and get the boys in pictures w/ the fireworks.
Here is Connor.

And Colby

   On the 5th, David and I woke up bright and early and headed to the hospital! We got there and everything ran incredibly smoothly. I got my IV, catheter (lot those!), and was wheeled into the Operating Room. I had been very nervous about being in there alone (they don't let David in until AFTER the spinal and AFTER they have cut me open) but it went great. The Anesthesiologist was awesome! He really calmed me down and with a bit of local anesthesia, I didn't even feel the Spinal this time. Yahoo! By the time David got into the room, I was smiling and ready to meet Channing Jay! Within a few minutes, they had him out and he started screaming, a very cute, quiet scream. He was perfect. He weight 7lbs and 7oz and was 19.5 inches long! We love love love him! He is such a great little baby! We had a great week after leaving the hospital because David was off ALL week. We all loved that! I had the help I needed and Connor and Colby got all the attention they wanted. They got to play with Daddy the whole time! Lucky boys!
 Getting ready for a baby

 Apparently David was excited and just couldn't wait, so here is a picture of the back of Dr. Gill!

 Happily waiting while they cut open my insides.

 See! Told you they were cutting open my insides (I WARNED YOU!) 
There is a baby in there!

 Welcome to the world Channing!

 My first peek!

 Big brother Connor loved Channing from the start.

 Colby had to sneak a kiss.

 Dr. Gill stopped in to see how everything was going.

 Foot print time.

 These big brothers had to be involved in everything. I love it!

 Channing's first bath given by Colby and Connor.

 A worn out Mom

 First family picture (Yes, Colby IS asleep)

 Everyone was tired out after a few hours!

 Playing around w/ the medical equiptment

 Finally home after 4 days

 David giving the older two some much needed attention

 Channing just chilling in the backyard (this was one of the days that felt like July)

 Cute little guy
Connor wants to do it all, even burping the baby.

 Daddy rocks! Super water-slide time.

 They even started building a play structure during David's week off!

Channing's 2nd bath

   We love that our little family has grown and we are now a family of 5! We are raising some awesome future missionaries, husbands and fathers. I couldn't ask for more! We are blessed!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Monday, December 26, 2011


For all those that don't know yet...We are PREGNANT!

I am so excited for another little one! This will be my 5th pregnancy (Connor, miscarriage, Colby, miscarriage). We have been hoping and trying for the last 2 years for another, but things don't always go as expected! I am so happy for our family and I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows what we need, when we need it. I am 12 weeks along now, and although I am sick most of the time, I am feeling good and know all the icky results in such a wonderful blessing. I will try to keep you posted more on our happenings, including posting soon about Christmas!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

February...and a little March on the side.

Previous Month Recap (click on the pictures if they are hard to see)-

February seemed to fly by. We had a lot of fun though. These pictures are not really in order, but they give you a good idea of what we (mostly the kids) have been up to.

Near the END of the SNOWED! It was crazy. I was ready for spring and all the sudden there was snow. It was a lot of fun, because David didn't have to go to work and we had a whole day (that is as long as it lasted before melting) to play together! We played for awhile in our yard with our awesome neighbors and then headed to Grandma and Grandpa Marchant's to play with cousins.

Colby liked the snow more than I thought he would and lasted longer than I thought he would. He is a trooper.

Connor and Andrew tried to get Alan with a snowball. The plan backfired!

I think this is the cutest picture ever (Thanks Tina). All the older cousins are trying to get Colby back up the hill. I love it!

Colby LOVED being on the sleds. He could relax and watch every one else get tired.

Colby has a new favorite thing: falling down. He climbs on EVERYTHING and falls ALL the time. He also likes to run into doors and walls. Seriously...this kid is CRAZY! Today alone he has two new bonks on the head. What am I going to do with him?

David and I invited my parents over for game night. It is always fun when they come over. They are fun and crazy (like me!). I love them too much...and so do my kids.

We inherited a Hot Tub from David's parents, who didn't use it anymore. We go in ALL the time. The boys love it. This particular time I decided to spike Colby's hair to see how long it really was. I gave him a hair cut the next day.

Connor and I made masks. He picked out a mask book from the Library and just HAD to make one.

My Mom's 4th grade class has swimming lessons this month, so she had Jessica and I bring the grandson's to swim. They loved it. (cousin Jet and Connor)

Colby was having a grand old time until I put a life jacket on him. He got flipped over onto his stomach with his head in the water and the life jacket was holding him in that position. It was very scary, as he was flailing around for awhile! Right when I saw him I ran in (clothes and all) and picked up a screaming, very scared little guy. It took a lot of coxing to get him to play again.

We got to host Connor's preschool group again. He loves pre-school and all the kids in it. He is on this marriage kick (silly kid), and frequently tells me that he might one day marry one of the girls from pre-school (or Olivia). I tell him he needs to think about 4 year old things and worry about who he will marry AFTER his mission. You hear lots of Moms say their daughters are 4 going on 16...well, that is Connor. He is a very smart, and grown up boy. Sometimes I wish he didn't catch on to things so fast.

This particular day we learned about Polar Bears and hibernation. The kids got to pretend they were Bears and hibernate under the kitchen table. They had lots of fun!

We had a Potty Party for Colby! I want to get him ready for potty training, and with so many friends in the same boat, I thought it would be fun to get together. Don't laugh at my game. I think it is AWESOME! haha.

Here is the gang doing the Potty Dance!

And here is my little Colby pretending to go in the potty. He loves to sit on the toilet as long as he has something to read. Takes after Daddy I guess :).

We did a Potty coloring page and also had snacks. It was a fun time. I love that I can get together with friends and their kids since we are all in the same stage in life.

I am excited for what the next month will bring and I HOPE it will fly by because...HAILEY WILL BE HOME ON APRIL 7th. YAHOO! I will keep you posted.